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The exercises in Practical Life help your child establish independence, concentration, and coordination.  Your child will develop fine and gross motor skills through activities such as pouring, polishing and sewing.  They promote the development of a sense of order and sequence.  These simple tasks teach students how to care for themselves and their environment.  This is the area of the classroom where socialization skills and the work cycle are first introduced.  Lessons learned in Practical Life are the foundation for all other areas of the curriculum.


These materials promote the discrimination and refinement of the child’s senses.  They provided the opportunity to make distinctions relating to size, shape, form and dimension through Montessori materials such as the pink tower, brown stair and knobbed cylinders.  The child further develops his ability to visually discriminate as he sorts, grades, and matches.  The materials help build a mathematical mind and prepare for musical and scientific analysis.


These lessons help your child develop the basic skills required for verbal communication, reading and writing.  They include phonetic based materials and progress into whole language activities for reading and writing.  Some examples are:  sandpaper letters for learning sounds, matching initial sounds with objects, moveable alphabet for building words and sentences and the metal insets for developing pencil control.


These materials are concrete manipulatives that promote basic mathematical skills, concepts and operations.  Children learn to associate the quantity and symbol and place value, which prepares them for more abstract mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.


The materials provide for exploration of the physical world and the cultural aspects of the world’s people.  The children experience maps, stories, songs and foreign languages that give them a realistic feel for the cultures around them.


These lessons allow your child to explore the world through observations, experimentation and research.  Activities such as Living and Non-Living, the parts of plants and animals, enable them to learn more about the worlds around them.  They discover their world’s intricate parts through hands-on activities both inside and outside the classroom.


In addition to the above, our team of talented instructors and teachers will incorporate the following: Spanish, Art Lessions, the Music Program and Sign Language. We also have Forest Fridays to encourage student's connection with the Earth.


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