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 Suzanne Frund (Owner/Admin./ Teacher)
    Suzanne Frund is the owner and head teacher of The Light of the Child Montessori School, LLC.  She lives in Martinsburg and has lived in West Virginia for 15  years.  Suzanne earned her degree as a Registered Nurse in 1986.  Her courses included early childhood development.  Her 13 years of Nursing included Alexandria Hospital; Mary Washington Hospital; the American Red Cross, where she instructed CPR and First Aid classes; Suzanne also worked for Goodwill Industries, where she assisted kids with disabilities. This opportunity helped her discover that her true passion was helping children.  

  Maria Montessori pioneered the use of materials to aid in the development of all children.  Suzanne believes strongly in the Montessori method.  She trained under Christine Lavigne, who was a Montessori teacher for 17 years and an American Montessori Society teacher Trainer.  Suzanne received her Montessori teacher certification from the North American Montessori Center.


    Suzanne and her husband, Mark, adopted two children from Russia in 1996.  "Adopting children from an orphanage provides a unique insight into how children learn.  During the first few years of life there is a "window" or "sensitive period"  of opportunity.  If these "windows" are not addressed at the right time, the child is less capable of overcoming these obstacles during all subsequent stages of education."

    In addition, the TLC staff includes assistant teachers and teachers with preschool, Kindergarten and elementary school training.  Our team looks forward to helping your children learn and grow.


Christy Bevan ( Teacher Assistant/ Art Teacher )

 Christine studied fine arts at George Mason University. She is excited to meet the TLC students and families and is looking forward to persuing her passion which has been helping children. She is married and has 2 chiildren.  Christy is looking forward to helping the children express themselves through their work.
Patrick Harper (Teacher assistant/ Music Teacher)
Patrick is a  graduate from Shepherd Unversity in Fine Arts with a concentration in Music Composition. He is proficient in Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Dulcimer and Sitar. He specialized in both classical and contemporary music. He is both a teacher assistant and music teacher in our classroom. He lives in Shepherdstown, is marrried and has one child.
Jennifer Burkhardt (Teacher)
Jennifer holds a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She is married and has four children of her own. (Three of which attended TLC Montessori School.). Jennifer is looking forward to working with the Kindergarteners this year.

Tammy deNobel (Teacher) 
Tammy holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and has worked in Washington County Public Schools (pre-k-3rd)for 19 years. She is looking forward to teaching again at TLC with the Kindergarteners. She is married and has 2 children of her own.

Potomac Audobon Society  will be assisting TLC Montessori in teaching lessons about our Earth on FOREST FRIDAYS!

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